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Marick Enterprises has been serving the business and public entities of metro Boston and surrounding towns for four decades, delivering a variety of office and building maintenance services. We specialize in first rate janitorial services.

We are family owned and operated, we treat our staff as part of our extended family. All employees that work for us are trained, screened, back ground checked, insured and bonded prior to accompanying us into your building. Training includes an emphasis on attention to details.

As a family owned and operated service firm we can honestly say ” Our customers saw us with our staff on the first night’s cleaning and they saw us last night”

This is not a part time business, it’s our life, our careers and our livelihood. We know the meaning and value of providing high quality customer service and the importance of great communication. We build strategic alliances with our customers so that our efforts are direct and a positive reflection on them!

Marick Enterprises, over 40 years in business.

Janitorial Cleaning Services

Janitorial service is much more than taking a broom to a floor! It’s a system of services provided in a consistant and detailed manner in order to achieve maximun building appearance and health, using the most economical methods possible. Give us a call and we’ll offer a janitorial package that will fill your needs without breaking the budget.

Office Cleaning

The image conveyed by your office is important!

Whether its attracting and keeping quality employees or sending your customers the message that you care about quality, effective office cleaning impacts your bottom line.

We at Marick Enterprises can assure a healthy work environment and limit the spread of illness that can increase absenteeism and lower productivity. We focus on details large and small to keep your offices clean sanitized and free from germs, minimizing the chance of illness spreading.

Furthermore, clean restrooms, sparkling floors and immaculate breakrooms and conference rooms are all crucial areas where clean really matters.

School Cleaning

We believe in providing a healthy and clean learning environment that protects the health and well being of your students, educators and staff. We provide the highest quality school janitorial services for every type of educational facility, from daycare to high school, private schools and everything in between.

Shiny floors, clean desks and tables, and clean restrooms help set the right tone for students, parents and staff.

Make first impressions count!

Hard Surface Cleaning

We provide floor waxing and high speed buffing to many businesses and educational facilities. There are many things to consider with commercial floor waxing, including the type of flooring and the appropriate floor finish that needs to be applied, waxed floors do not stay shiny and clean from daily mopping alone. We will design a complete floor maintenance program that will maintain a clean glossy appearance day after day, It is much less expensive to service your floor regularly then having to strip and rewax every time it looks dirty and yellow. We are well known for having outstanding service at reasonable rates.

Carpet Cleaning

We realize the best way to keep your place of business looking great is by maintaining the areas strategically as opposed to letting them reach a maximum soil point and then trying to bring them back to a like-new condition. The best way to achieve the results you want at the price your budget allows is to maximize the life cycle of your assets through our maintenance programs which provides you with many values and benefits such as:

  • Specially tailored programs designed to uniquely meet your business and facility needs.
  • Programs created specifically to match your budget.
  • Year round assurance that your image exceeds the expectations of both your clients and employees.
  • Your facility stays cleaner in between major services by targeting your entry ways and major traffic areas

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How can we help? Whether you have a simple question or would like a no-obligation quote, give us a CALL at (617) 923-9652 or EMAIL marick.enterprises@gmail.com